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Voluntary Services Association of the Institute was award... [2016/09/07]
Li Yan is Elected as the Candidate of the 4th Top Ten Goo... [2016/09/07]
Teachers and Students of Our College Won the Second Prize... [2016/09/07]
Practice and Innovation and Talent Cultivation Quality [2016/09/07]
HBPT: Bright Employment Prospect for Students from Vocati... [2016/09/07]
Wuhan University cultivates technologically applied talen... [2016/09/07]
Provincial Education Authorities Ratifying Our Cooperatio... [2016/09/07]
Guests from British Intercontinental Hotel Group Visiting... [2016/09/07]
Tan Zhiping, an example of self- reliant and Thanksgiving... [2016/09/07]
Dr. Cheng Zhen Visiting HBPT [2016/09/07]
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