Tourism & Hospitality Management College

There is a professional teaching staff of faithfulness, high ability and with occupational experiences in Tourism & Hospitality Department. Some teachers are overseas returned scholars, some are “Double-certificate” teachers who have worked at hospitality and exhibition companies, and some are university graduates and masters. Every year we recruited foreign teachers from English speaking countries. From 2003 to now, teachers had training classes and gave lectures for local tourism companies, and acted as judges in Xiaogan Tour Guide Contest, Xiaogan Fashion Model Contest, and Xiaogan Hospitality Skill Contest for Star-rated Hotels. The dean holds concurrent posts such as judge of local star-rated hotels, and consultant for local tourism companies.

Graduates from regular senior secondary schools and from vocational senior secondary schools are eligible to apply for admission. The applications will be processed via internet according to applicants' scores in national entrance examinations. Those admitted will be awarded college diplomas after three years' study.

Construction of Programs and Courses
1. Tourism Management
Graduates Employed by: domestic or foreign tourism agents; tourism enterprises, scenic spots, tourism administrative departments, and star-rated hotels.
Main courses: Tour Guide, Introduction to Tourism, Management of Tourism Agents, Psychology for Tourism, and English for Tourism.
2. Hospitality
Graduates Employed by: international hotels (group), tourist resorts, deluxe cruises or cruise clubs, airline companies, and other related companies (telecommunications).
Main courses: Hotel Management, Lobby Management, Food & Beverage Management, Guest Room Management, Wine Blending & Bar, Planning for Wedding & Events, and English for Hotels.
3. Exhibition Planning
Graduates Employed by: exhibition companies (centers) for domestic conferences, banqueting halls or exhibition halls of international hotels, planning department of large companies & conglomerates for professional conferences or exhibitions, or other related professions.
Main courses: Introduction to Exhibition, Exhibition Planning & Practice, Public Relations for Tourism, Practice for Exhibition Reception, Exhibition Design, Exhibition Marketing, and English for Exhibition.

Food & Beverage Management was given an award for a provincial-level hi-quality course in 2007.

Teaching Facilities
There is a field training base for hotel management practice, including a Chinese food servicing training room, a western food servicing training room, a bar training room, a guest room servicing training room, a reception training room, with computers, projectors and DVD players, to meet the practical teaching needs for hotel food & beverage, hotel reception, hotel bar, hotel guest room. We also provide practice classes for students at physical training rooms, computer rooms, and multi-media language rooms. We have the following off-campus field training bases: Grand Regency Hotel Beijing, The Kerry Centre Hotel Beijing, Sofitel Royal Lagoon Hotel Dongguan, China Regal Cruises, Shangri-la Hotel Wuhan, Crowne Plaza Suzhou, and China Travel Service Wuhan.

Teaching Staff
There are 17 teachers in the department, of whom two have earned higher professional titles (professors, or associate professors), and 8 have earned intermediate professional titles. There are 2 masters.

Li Wen, of Grade 2005, awarded the second prize in Xiaogan Tour Guide Contest in 2006.
Fan Jihong, of Grade 2005, awarded the first prize in Hubei Professional Skill Contest in 2006.
Yang Yuanyuan, of Grade 2005, awarded the excellent prize in Hubei Professional Skill Contest in 2006.
Liu Rui, of Grade 2003, awarded the excellent prize in Hubei Professional Skill Contest in 2006.
Fan Jihong, Yang Yuanyuan, and Liu Rui, awarded the second prize of team match and the best team in Hubei Professional Skill Contest in 2006.
Chen Dan, of Grade 2006, awarded the second prize in Xiaogan Tour Guide Contest in 2007.
Guo Bei, of Grade 2007, awarded the excellent prize in Speech Contest to Improve Citizens' cultural and ideological Quality in Traveling sponsored by Hubei Tourism Bureau and Hubei Ideology Promotion Office.
Guo Bei, of Grade 2007, awarded the second prize in Chinese Putonghua Speech Contest of Xiaogan.

Future Employment
Tourism (including exhibition and hospitality) is one of the sunrise industries. According to statistics, global total revenue of tourism amounts to USD500 billion yearly. China has become the fourth largest travel destination. The development of tourism and hospitality in China has caught up with the world within the past 20 years. There are over 8,880 star-rated hotels in China. Tourism becomes the one of the top ten popular industries in China.
After entering WTO, China needs numerous professional talents familiar with tourism & hospitality management and with deluxe cruise servicing who can speak English. Graduates from tourism and hospitality discipline will have a bright future.

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