Foreign Languages College

Foreign Languages College focuses on English language skill education. It is to train students in the fields of business English, applied English, English education, and foreign affairs administration. Teachers also provide college English classes for students of non-English majors. There are 528 students in the department.

Graduates from regular senior secondary schools and from vocational senior secondary schools are eligible to apply for admission. The applications will be processed via internet according to applicants' scores in national entrance examinations. Those admitted will be awarded college diplomas after three years' study.

Business English, Applied English, English Education, and Foreign Affairs Administration. The programs covers the following study fields: English-Chinese translation, foreign-related secretaryship, clearance of goods, international business, English education for secondary school students, English education for kids, and foreign affairs administration.

Construction of Programs and Courses
Business English is one of provincial-level trial reform programs. Business Correspondence was given an award for a provincial-level hi-quality course in 2006, and English for Tourism was given an award for a provincial-level hi-quality course in 2008. They have been given awards for college-level hi-quality courses.

Teaching Facilities
There are four multi-media language laboratories and one language self-study center. Students practice spoken English at the English Coffee House or at the English Corner. There is a room for foreign trade training, a room for business negotiation training, and a room for office automation training. We have several classrooms with network. The are 18 off-campus field training bases all over China.

Teaching Staff
There are 59 teachers in the department, of whom 20 have earned higher professional titles (professors, associate professors, or senior engineers), and 26 are "double-certificate" teachers. We hire 12 outstanding experts, prominent professors as guest professors, and hire at least 5 foreign teachers every year.

Students from Foreign Languages Department won the second prizes in English Speaking Contest for College Students in Hubei from 2003 to 2007. In national English contests for college students from 2006 to 2008, students from our department won top prizes each year. The students' achievements in English contest lead in Hubei province.

Future Employment
Graduates are very popular in China, especially in Pearl Delta Zone, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. 100% of graduates were employed consevutively for the past three years.


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