Information Technology College

Information Technology College focuses on computer engineering education. It is to train students in the fields of computer application technology, computer networking, information management, image making, and software engineering. There are 827 students in the department.

Graduates from regular senior secondary schools and from vocational senior secondary schools are eligible to apply for admission. The applications will be processed via internet according to applicants' scores in national entrance examinations. Those admitted will be awarded college diplomas after three years' study.

Computer Application Technology, Computer Networking, Information Management, Image Making, and Software Engineering.

Construction of Programs and Courses
Computer Networking is one of provincial-level trial reform programs, and Computer Application Technology is one of college-level trial reform programs. Web Design was given an award for a provincial-level hi-quality course in 2005. C Language, Basis of Computer, Computer Debug & Maintenance, and C# Language Programming have been given awards for college-level hi-quality courses.

Teaching Facilities
There are eight laboratory rooms for computer basis, one room for networking, one room for network operation system, one room for web design, one room for computer installation and hardware maintenance, one room for computer installation and software maintenance, one room for development of embedded systems, and one room for software development, with nearly 1,500 computers in total. There are 70 sets of Huawei exchanges and routers, Cisco exchanges and routers, firewalls, and fiber welders. The teaching places, administration offices, and living quarters of staff and students are routed to internet via CAN (campus area network), with a bandwidth of 1G from a backbone network and a bandwidth of 100MB to individual computers. A Base for Training Professional Electronic Skills in Hubei was founded in the department by Professional Electronic Skills Training & Certification Center of Information Industry Division of Hubei Province.

Teaching Staff
There are 73 teachers in the department, of whom 20 have earned higher professional titles (professors, associate professors, or senior engineers), and 30 have earned intermediate professional titles. There are 10 masters of whom seven will get the degree, and 12 teachers have gained certificates in international IT industry.

In the First Computer Debugger Contest in Hubei in 2004, students from the department won the first place in the team match, and the first and second places in the individual contests. In the First National Computer Debugger Professional Skill Contest, students from our department won the second prize in the team match. In the national mathematics modeling contests from 2002 to 2007, students from our department won national prizes and provincial prizes numerous times.

Future Employment
Graduates are very popular in Pearl Delta Zone, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Over 95% of graduates were employed using their first applications.

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