Nursing College

The nursing program was founded over 50 years ago. We have gained experiences by cooperational schooling with Tongji Medical College and Hubei Medical College since 1998. In 1998, the advanced nursing program was sanctioned by Educational Commission of Hubei Province of China. In 2000, the nursing program was determined as one of provincial-level trial reform programs by Educational Commission of Hubei Province, and in Jan. 2003, it was decided as one of national trial reform programs by Ministry of Education of China. In Dec. 2003, our department became a national training base for short-supply technicians. In July 2004, the nursing program was determined as one of key vocational education programs in Hubei Province. In 2006, our department was ratified as a field training base in vocational education (as a leader in nursing in central China) by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance of China.

Graduates from regular senior secondary schools and from vocational senior secondary schools are eligible to apply for admission. The applications will be processed via internet according to applicants' scores in national entrance examinations. Those admitted will be awarded college diplomas after three years' study.

Construction of Programs and Courses
Obstetrics & Gynecology Nursing was given an award for a provincial-level hi-quality course in 2004. Nursing Skill was given an award for a provincial-level hi-quality course in July 2007 and an award for a national hi-quality course in Dec. 2007.

Teaching Facilities
We have nursing field training rooms (simulating a hospital) with a building area of over 3,000 square meters, including Simulate Ward, Multi-media Room for Nursing Demonstration, First-aid Room, ICU, Aseptic Technique Room, and Etiquette & Physical Training Room, etc. The rooms are equipped with the following facilities: a spirophore, a cardiac defibrillator-monitor, a computerized CPR, a multifunction monitor, a first-aid emulation system for serious illness (developed by our staff), and a monitoring system for video teaching. The total value amounts to RMB 2,400,000 yuan. Students from our department may learn and practice at 35 hospitals, such as Tongji Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, Wuhan Central Hospital, Wangjing Hospital of Beijing, Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shenzhen, etc.

Teaching Staff
There are 61 teachers in the school, of whom 21 have earned higher professional titles, and 28 have earned intermediate professional titles. There are 13 masters.

Future Employment
Graduates are very popular in Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shenzhen, and Guanlan Hospital of Shenzhen. We have signed employment agreement between Wuhan No. 1 Hospital, Wuhan No. 2 Hospital, and Wuhan No. 3 Hospital. Over 90% of graduates have been employed.

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