Medical College

Medical College focuses on education of medical science and related programs. It also provides professional skills training and medical services locally. It has the following specialties: clinical medicine, stomatology, medical image, pharmacology, dental repairing technology, and midwifery. There are 1,809 students in the school.

Graduates from regular senior secondary schools and from vocational senior secondary schools are eligible to apply for admission. The applications will be processed via internet according to applicants' scores in national entrance examinations. Those admitted will be awarded college diplomas after three years' study.

Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Medical Image, Pharmacology, Dental Repairing Technology, and Midwifery.

Construction of Programs and Courses
Clinical Medicine is one of college-level trial reform programs, and one of key programs in Hubei Polytechnic Institute. Diagnostics and Anthro-architectonics were given an award for a provincial-level hi-quality course in 2005 and in 2007 respectively. Surgery, Human Body Function Science, and Immunology & Pathogenic Organisms have been given awards for college-level hi-quality courses.

Teaching Facilities
More and more equipments for medical practice have been bought in our laboratories. We have a basic medicine lab center and a field training center for dental repairing technology. There are over forty laboratories: Morphology Lab, Function Science Lab, Pharmacology Lab, Chemical Analysis Lab, Operation Emulation Lab, Diagnostic Skill Training Lab, ICU Lab, Clinical Stomatology Lab, Dental Repairing Lab, Dental Techniques Lab, and Roasted Porcelain Teeth Lab, etc. Total value of the equipments amounts to RMB 11,000,000 yuan. We have four affiliated hospitals, and students receive field training in over 30 hospitals outside our college.

Teaching Staff
There are 75 teachers in the school, of whom 32 have earned higher professional titles (professors, associate professors, professors of medicine or associate professors of medicine). There are 14 masters.

In the First Junior Teachers' Teaching Contest of Hubei Polytechnic, Jing Yuping and Hu Hao were awarded the second prize and the excellent prize respectively. In the Seventh National Multi-media Courseware Contest for Colleges, Mei Shengping was awarded the third prize, and Chen Xiaozhen and Zhou Lili were awarded excellent prizes. Comparative Physical Examination by Li Heping was awarded the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Xiaogan. Consequence Between Hepatocyte Oxidizing Reaction by Fluoride and Cell Fading by Chu Qilong was awarded the third prize in Hubei Provincial Excellent Thesis of Natural Science. Muscle Therapy for Lumbar Vertebrae Osteophyte by a student Li Shujun was awarded the third prize in Hubei Provincial College Students' Excellent Thesis.

Future Employment
We have trained numerous medical talents for local area for the past 50 years. Over 90% of graduates have been employed using their first applications for the past three years. With the construction of three-level medical guarantee system and the practice of new cooperative medical scheme, medical graduates will have a bright future in employment.

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