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Tan Zhiping, an example of self- reliant and Thanksgiving dedicated college students won the gold award of "May 4th Youth Medal of Hubei"
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A self- reliant and Thanksgiving dedicated college student, Tan Zhiping won the gold award of "May 4th Youth Medal of Hubei". (Reporters Zou Xinghua, Wen Jing) The result of "May 4th Youth Medal of Hubei" came out on Apr.28 in Wuhan. Sixty youths got the special prize. Ten of them won the gold award of "May 4th Youth Medal of Hubei", among them, there is a self- reliant and thanksgiving dedicated model TanZhiping from Hubei Vocational and Technical college.

Hubei Daily Newspaper reported as follows:

Hubei Daily Newspaper (respondent HeMiao)Selection Activity of May 4th Youth Medal of Hubei 2008 was held on 28th, April, there were 60 excellent youths got this prize. Among them there were 10 youths got the gold prize, they were: WangWenguang, LiuWeiguo, WuZhiguan, ChengLiliang, ChenHonghui, XieWei, Luerhui, Hubei Vocational-Technical College student TanZhiping, NiJinlin, JuShaohu, WangYun and other 49 people got "May 4th youth medal".

The winners' average age is 35.28 years old. "May 4th Youth Medal of Hubei", which involves business management, education and scientific research, culture and sanitation, agriculture, forest, fishing, public security and political laws and almost cover all the fields.

TanZhiping is a college student from Hubei Vocational-Technical College who was enrolled in 2007, a member of Volunteer Association in Hubei Vocational Technical College; a secretary of Wuhan Economic Circle Volunteer Union. TanZhiping is an excellent college student who grows up struggling and studying. She is an outstanding representative among lots of appreciated typical examples in Hubei Vocational Technical College. She obeyed parents and loves old , she is independent and self-reliant, which embodies Chinese traditional virtue and spirit of the times.

Tanzhiping, who is a strong and tough character college student. She was born in a poor family, her father suffered from serious rheumatism and her mother in interim meander disease. When she was 16 years old, she was lost in a plight. Even worse, her house fell down. In order to take care of her parents and support her 11-year-old younger sister to continue her study, the excellent Tanzhiping decided to quit schooling after graduating from middle school, then worked on a farm. She did the same things as other farmers, such as seeding, cultivating, harvesting and stocking all housework as well.

Tanzhiping shouldered the responsibility for her family after her mother's death, she went to a city and found a job, then ran a market by herself. Through her five- year hard work., her family changed a little. July 11th, 2005 she rebuilt her house, and her younger sister finished middle school study, but Tanzhiping never give up making her college dream come true, via hard study, she was enrolled by Medical School of Hubei Vocational-Technical College in 2005.

She performed well and was awarded "excellent student" every year after she entering the college. She gets well along with her step-mother and tries her best to prompt her family's harmony. She respects and cares for her step-mother. In order to take care of her father and step-mother, she took them to Xiaogan and opened a restaurant there by working hard to support her study. She studies, works and looks after her parents, which bring new hope to her family. She took the exam of Hubei Vocational-Technical College in 2007 and became a college student who majored in Clinical Medicine. She thanks life, treats everyone with her sunny heart and precious virtues. She is ready to help her classmates once they have trouble regardless of life or study. She has deeply known that giving is a meaning of life, virtue is life's true quality. Her actions have also moved and affected her classmates. They study much harder and lead much simple life.

At weekends and festivals, Tanzhiping often organizes students to go to Xiaogan Welfare House for assisting the affairs such as cleaning, washing clothes, and helping the old patients wash hair, feet, trimming nails, organizing representatives of the class to give lectures, sending the old colorful art programs and joy. Her advanced deeds care for the old and self- love, optimistic innovation, continuous self- improvement venture impress the society. She is named one of "Ten Great filial people" in Xiaogan, being the first student who honored as "Ten Great Filial People" in the school. She founded Hubei Volunteers Association, there has been enrolled 5213 members. She supports to found the alliance of Wuhan economic circle. More than thirty news mediam have reported her advanced deeds. Xiaogan is the only one middle level city which is renouned by filial piety culture.

Since 2001, Hubei Vocational-Technical College located in Xiaogan has been exploring and studying the rich Chinese filial cultural resource, combining the traditional culture together with the modern spirit organically, and carrying out the "Thanksgiving Education Activities" centering "action and experience" "being useful and undertaking" "paying back and contribution" and "harmony construction". Through the movement, the college makes the "Thanksgiving Education" run through the whole process of talent-cultivating, conducts the college students to appreciate the Party's and Government's education , the contribution from parent's and the elders, and teachers as well as the care ness from school and society and to cultivate their political realization,human emotion,gratitude,public ideas,career morals,practical ability and undertaking capacity. It's apparently that the college's comprehensive strength got enhanced and better.

Hubei Vocational Technical Institute (HBVTI) is the earliest group who register the National Filial Culture Study Organization---Hubei Filial Culture Research Conference, holding the research in theme of filial culture over whole province,counties and Internationally for several times,having published a series of popular books about Chinese filial culture and the theory of filial study. Hubei Filial Culture Research Organization has carried out thanksgiving education based on HBVTL. Having got the rewards of "Hubei province creative prize of political thinking "," outstanding contribution rewards of Hubei political thinking",the second prize of "Advanced education campus culture excellent construction " awarded by National l education department, and it has been playing an important role in senior school campus culture construction. The thanksgiving education based on filial culture has become a famous brand of HBVTI to introduce its thought of filial culture and campus culture construction. Springing up a large number of model students,Tanzhiping is an excellent representative of independent and devoted among them.


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