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Wuhan University cultivates technologically applied talents of top class by joining hands with Hubei Polytechnic Institute.
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For several days, Zhang Yu, junior student from Wuhan University majored in printing engineering, has been practicing on that out-of-order “printing machine” at Hubei Polytechnic Institute along with 3 other college students. They are preparing for qualification trials of World Skill Competition that is about to be held. Zhang Yu and his 3 schoolmates are players from university who are sent by the Province to take participation in the national selection. Upon starting of the “printing machine”, an unqualified presswork is printed for every second. Players from university are required to find the crucial problem with the presswork as soon as possible as with playing the Rubik’s cube, and then “make diagnosis and give treatment”. “This piece of specimen page has black pots on its frame. I judge that it is caused by lack of water volume while the ink volume is normal.” Zhang Yu said. Later on, after a brief discussion, they made corresponding adjustment. Soon block pots disappear on the page, and they succeed in providing a normal specimen page.

Zhang Yu told the journalist that this is the first time for them to participate in a competition of such type. They have finished with theoretical training of early stage and are reinforcing the practical training on operational technique with respect to lithographic platemaking. “At present, we are having exercises on professional English vocabulary. It is our future employment objective to become engineer of printing. Competition is a bridge for us to approach our dream,” said Zhang Yu.

Kong Lingwang, associate professor of Department of Printing in Wuhan University, expressed that Wuhan University has an advantage regarding teaching and specialty issues; however, HBPT is experienced in practical training, thus creating complementary advantages and a win-win situation for both parties by joining hands; and only by promoting the cooperation in superior resources, can the university succeed in making progress within its transition process and reaching the commanding height, as well as cultivating technically applied talents who meet social needs.


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