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HBPT: Bright Employment Prospect for Students from Vocational College Majored in Tourism as Well
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Recently, on the on-campus job fair of 2014 International Hotel Group for Tourism & Hospitality Management Department in HBPT, there have been as many as more than 20 international hotels gathering in the campus with the intention to win the war for talent. To “grab” more students, recruiting managers from various enterprises all show their unique skills, making adequate preparations in and out of the job fair. Some of them distributed gifts and souvenirs and some of them provided a comparatively favorable condition. It takes no more than half day, for all the students participating in the recruiting to obtain offers from number of enterprises of international brand, such as St Regis Hotel Yalong Bay Sanya, Westing Xiamen, Shangri-la Hotel Shanghai Jingan and Langham Hotel Shanghai Xintiandi and Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou. The situation makes students of other majors express all sorts of feelings: working places for fellows from Tourism & Hospitality Management Department are really of “high-end, grace and top-level”! Actually, such festive scene takes places in Tourism & Hospitality Management Department in HBPT every single year.

Tourism & Hospitality Management Department in HBPT was established in 2003, and is a member unit of PATA. Tourism Management is the major of key construction in national model higher vocational colleges, as well as the major of educational reform experimentation in Hubei Province, for which a provincial-level practical training base for higher vocational education in Hubei Province has been established. The Department has established cooperative relationship with more than 30 internationally well-known tourism enterprises. Furthermore, it has also made practice and employment base in countries and regions as the US, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

Till fist half year of 2014, there are successively 15 batches of almost about 40 person who have gone abroad to have internship and work in different countries and regions, such as the US, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, making it the secondary school to have the largest number of students in the school to take internship and work overseas. Besides, percentage of students practicing and working at tourism and hotel enterprises of international brand has reached 95%. It broadens the horizon for students to practice and work overseas and it also offers the opportunity to learn knowledge that cannot be obtained at home, additionally, students can get a multiple of the economic income than working at counterparts in China. The most significant thing is that it lays a solid foundation for them to make career development at home after coming back from foreign countries.


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