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Practice and Innovation and Talent Cultivation Quality
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--President of Hubei Polytechnic Institute Wan Youxiang

Hubei Polytechnic Institute tightly focuses on the development of service area social economy; cultivates applied talents of high professional qualification who adapt to construction needs of two-oriented society of Wuhan City Circle and who are “grateful, responsibility, loyalty and dedication” and have the concept of two-oriented society and innovative entrepreneurship of being “resource saving and environmentally friendly”.
The Institute carries out idiosyncratic personnel training mode reform of “integrate major and occupation, and combines academic and post” which have achieved significant results. No matter technical ability or quality of students have been raised by big percentages, employers are quite satisfied with the students in our Institute and recruit an increasing number of students from our Institute every year.
The Institute has launched the system and mechanism innovation of integrating college and enterprise that characters on “integration of teaching and production, localization of employment and entrepreneurship”. By organization patterns of joint-stock system, affiliation and collectivization operation, the Institute integrated social resources, realized co-construction and built Science and Technology Innovation Park of “one park with multiple districts” which pioneered innovation in higher vocational educational field in Hubei Province. It actually realized theory of school management that where there is development area, where there is training base and where there is talent cultivation and skill training of the Institute.
The Institute continuously strengthens research on integration of Chinese filial piety culture and innovation and entrepreneurial culture and transforms it into teaching results on basis of practice achievements; “entrepreneurship school” has been established to boost character on integration of Chinese filial piety culture and innovation and entrepreneurial culture and to deeply carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education in college students. The Institute has incorporated “filial piety culture and innovation and entrepreneurial culture” into curriculum system and by five links of “course education, infiltration education, activity education, environmental education and practical education” and pushed forward entrepreneurship education and formed entrepreneurial educational pattern of “recombination of five links”.
Next, the Institute will exert itself to solve puzzles in development to walk on the road of connotation construction and development; continuously reform exploration on complete personnel training mode; form unique school-running patterns and concept; cultivate real high-quality skilled personnel that meet market demand and make contribution to construction and development of economic society in Hubei.


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