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Li Yan is Elected as the Candidate of the 4th Top Ten Good Examples Respecting the Elderly in Hubei Province
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Recently, Organizing Committee of “the 4th Top Ten Good Examples Respecting the Elderly in Hubei Province” jointly held by seven provincial departments in Hubei Province, released candidates of “the 4th Top Ten Good Examples Respecting the Elderly in Hubei Province”. There are 20 candidates in total and Li Yan, the entrepreneurial college student in Hubei Polytechnic Institute known as “serving relatives through entrepreneurship” is one of them.
Li Yan, a student from Logistics School enrolled in 2012, is a member of Communist Party of China, Proprieter of Voluntary Services Association in Hubei Polytechnic Institute and President of Xiaogan Xiaogu Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd. When she was one year old, her father fell ill owing to injury on head; when she was 13 years old, her mother suffered from uremia requiring 10 times of dialysis. Because the poverty of her family, her father suggested giving up the treatment more than once, but Li Yan pathetically appealed to her parents for continuing the treatment and promised that: “I’ll pay back the money borrowed for cure of disease by doing work for others and starting the business.” She studied under a work-study program, made the small-scale business, opened the online store of “Smile for the World” as well as registered and established Xiaogan Xiaogu Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd. to collect medical fees, living expenses and tuition by starting the business. Under her precious good care, states of illness of her parents gradually improved. One part of Li Yan’s income from business was used for paying debts and the other part was used for helping lonely elderly people in the society. She helped and assisted Grandpa Li, the lonely elderly people more than 70 years old with others and visited the old in Xiaogan Rehabilitation and Social Welfare Center at fixed period. In 2013, she was elected as the 7th “Top Ten Dutiful People” in Xiaogan City and the first “Most Beautiful Teenager of Filial Piety and Morality” in Xiaogan.

Li Yan Sends Her Mother to Xiaogan First People’s Hospital for “Dialysis” by Bike Every Week

Li Yan Organized Members of Voluntary Services Association to Carry Out Voluntary Services

In Snowy Day, Li Yan Gave Her New Shoes Bought from Starting the business to the Vagrant

Li Yan Helped and Assists Grandpa Li with Others

Tian Shouyong, Assistant to the President Visited Li Yan’s Sick Mother Together with Relevant Personnel


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